Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Cake

Here are some pictures of my birthday cake. Thank you to the one who made it! :) I'm not a photographer nor do I claim to be able to edit pictures...I was just playing around. They were taken with a Sony SLT, an iPod, and a Canon Powershot. Click on the pictures for a larger view, and see what you think!

Oh, and everything was edible except the strings...but we didn't eat the fingerboard, pegs, scroll, chin rest, or bridge :)

Edited on (and Lightroom 4). The rest are edited on Lightroom 4.

I didn't take this iPod picture...I hadn't arrived yet to the surprise party (post about that coming soon).


  1. A perfect cake for you!! It's simply amazing! I'm so curious. Who made it?

    1. A friend of ours (I went to school with her kids a while back).

  2. Replies
    1. sure tasted good too. My mom wanted to save it for future generations....ew. lol


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