Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Light

In the beginning
I said to myself,
"I am not lowly,
Or selfish; I'm set."

The days floated by
I still felt alive
My selfishness hidden
My sin, and my pride

Then came the time
I no longer was "right"
And everything faulty
Appeared in its light

The light came from heaven
Pierced into my soul
I loved it, yet hated
This paradox woe

It made me uneasy,
Confused, and unsure
I wanted to fix it
I could not endure

My heart was so heavy
My mind was a mess
Why can't I just live
The way I know best?

Why doesn't it work
When I give my all
To live and to love?
I try, but I fall

I climb my way up
This mountain of fear
I look down, almost lose
My grip, and a tear

Drops in the abyss
Of my sorrow and strife
I start to feel dizzy
I'm afraid of the height

Then a hand on my shoulder
Warm and secure
Calms my nerves and my shaking
With His voice He assures

"Climb with Me
Look down no more
Look up, see this path?
I've been here before

"It may look too steep
And the goal, too far
Take My strength, My friend
And give Me your heart

"So together we'll climb
Till the end is in sight
And darkness will flee
For I am your Light.

"I love you."

September 12, 2012

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