Thursday, February 7, 2013

Headed North

Toothbrush? Check.
Clothes? Check.
Mosquito repellent? Check.
Toilet paper? Check.
Laptop? Check.
Notes? Check.
Bible? Check.
Violin? Check.
Jesus? Check.

My thumbs tap on the iPhone screen. I try to keep my balance as I'm jiggled around in the van on a dirt road. Good thing there's spell-check.

They say it's a shortcut. I hope it's worth it.

We're headed over the mountain to another city, to meet a pastor at his house. Then we will head out tonight to Manila to pick up a Japanese pastor from the airport.

Aside: it's so hard to take pictures with an iPhone in a van on a dirt road. Sorry for the repetitive dashboard view. But the dirt part is over now.

Now I can type much easier. Where was I? Oh yes...a dirt road :)

After we stop at the airport we will take an overnight journey north. I think we are stopping somewhere along the way for a rest.

So why am I leaving "home" (in the Philippines) for 10 days? The two pastors are going to hold a week-long evangelistic series as well as a week of prayer at the SDA academy there. Through a divine appointment, the local pastor, after having learned I was a recent graduate of a school of evangelism, met with me exactly one week ago. I had contacted him at just the right time, as he was in our city for a meeting that same day. A couple hours later he visited me and invited me to go with him up north, and instead of him presenting the afternoon meetings at the week of prayer, he wanted me to!

It has been a story of it's own preparing for the messages. And I'm so excited about how God is leading: we will dive into the theme "Victory in Jesus" using the backdrop of The Story! As in, ARISE curriculum, Great Controversy...

Well, we're here. More later! Prayers appreciated.


  1. Praying for you all the time! Keep trusting Jesus, and He will give you victory in your own life, even as you share the keys to that victory with others! I love you! :)

  2. The pictures look a lot like it does here in Nicaragua, Val! Praying for you in this evangelistic series you will be instrumental in! Miss you, Val. :)


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