Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sabbath, Day 3

Feb 9, 2013 - Iloco Sur Trip: Day 3

7:00 am - Time for a very cold bath. 1,2...........3!

9:39 am - sitting in church....

12:45 pm - church just done. It was a blessing. Pastor Imai preached with Pastor Jorge translating, which was powerful and also humorous. Now Judy-Ann, my roommate this week, is waiting for me. The students delight in serving us and carrying our things and showing us where to go. They are such a blessing to me. But I better go now to lunch.

2:30 pm - Had a short rest time after lunch. Now I'm in a jeepney (for the first time!) with some students, Ate Marlin, and Pastor Jorge, headed for a meeting of some sort. Pastor Jorge is speaking and I am playing violin. Hmm...what to play......

4:02 pm - Just headed back now on the jeepney. I'm praying that God will keep inspiring me with songs to play that will bless the people. Looks like I'm going to play a lot!

4:27 pm - Just an hour's rest/sermon prep before supper, then the crusade. Need to pick another song.

6:59 pm - Actually happy to hear that the meeting is on campus tonight instead of in town. Just for tonight. We don't need to drive on that bumpy road...

Wrap-up: This Sabbath was surely a blessing. New experiences, getting to know new people (I'm finally starting I get some names down), worshipping at church. God is my strength; even though I'm a bit tired, I pray He continues to work through me. I want people to see Jesus.

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