Monday, March 25, 2013

Beyond the Open Door

HSBC. I'm not sure what that is, but it seems to be a company that has its advertising all over Calgary Airport.

Yes, I'm in the airport. Again. And no, I'm not in the Philippines any more. And I'm also rather jet-lagged still, which I predict will be reflected in this post.

(I should explain that the reason I was silent about my return from the Philippines is because I was planning a surprise visit to my old school, Fountainview, which worked wonderfully. Some people thought I was still in the Philippines, and voila, there I am at church!)

In a month's crazy change of events, what was going to be the next 22.5 weeks quickly became a matter of days.

It all started at midnight. I was riding with the pastor up on our trip to Ilocos Sur in the north of the Philippines, and as we journeyed in the night I received an email. That email would change the next year of my life.

Probably the rest of my life, for that matter.

I prayed. I prayed so hard. And I talked with family and friends, searched God's word, searched my heart -- all the while preparing sermons for the week of prayer for the kids. Resume sent. Research done. Intense prayer... "Not my will, but Thy will be done." Agonizing waiting.

And every time I finally gave my worry and stress over it to God, wonderful peace. Right after peace, miracle after miracle. It's like God was waiting for me -- just trust Me -- before He would act.

He far exceeded all my expectations. I'll share a few examples:

Financial barriers broken down (they were never there, actually, but I didn't know that right away).
Impossible timing for papers worked out just in time.
Visa in my passport within hours of my appointment.

So now those who have no idea about what I am sharing are probably wondering what's going on. Most of my friends and family know already. I'm going to Germany/Europe for a year for an internship with Amazing Facts Europe. It is exciting, and God has really opened the door so wide. But honestly, I don't feel ready or capable. In my own strength and wisdom, that is. I am ready -- ready to trust God to do the work in whatever way and through whomever He sees fit. And it's not just the work to be done in Europe. It's the work to be done in my own heart. I'm ready to trust Him with it.

It's His work, anyhow.

Beyond the Open Door

In the things familiar we find security 
Resisting all the changes that days and years can bring, 
When God decides to lead you through an open door 
Inviting you to walk in realms you've never walked before. 

Beyond the open door is a new and fresh anointing, 
Hear the Spirit calling you to go. 
Walk on through the door for the Lord will go before you 
Into a greater power you've never known before. 

Hear the spirit calling to wake the living dead, 
To reach the huddled masses who cry out for living bread. 
Arise oh mighty army, take up thy shield and sword 
For the Father lifts His golden lamp beside the open door. 

Beyond the open door is a new and fresh anointing, 
Hear the Spirit calling you to go. 
Walk on through the door for the Lord will go before you 
Into a greater power you've never known before

Where He leads me, I will follow 
Where He leads me, I will follow 
And where He leads me, I will follow 
Into a greater power we've never known before, 
Beyond the open door.

~Faith First


  1. I'm so excited for you! Glad you're walking through the open door. Mr. Lemon and I were talking at lunch today and he said he thinks you're making the right decision, and so do I:) Love you!

  2. Praise the Lord that you are answering His calling, even if it was really last minute! Sometimes God works like that! God bless you, Val, and know that I'll be praying for you whenever I think of you! :)


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