Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Inn (Running in the Rain)

It's been a long time since I posted anything. So much has happened, and if I were to tell it all Blogger might malfunction or the post might go on for eternity. Well, not quite. I hope to start blogging more, and to describe life in Germany and the things we've done and the lessons God has been teaching me.

But right now I want to share something in particular. I recently felt the need to write something, anything, one night. There are those times when you just need some time for creative expression. For me, this usually becomes an offering of worship to God. 

I sat on the windowsill with pen and paper in hand, with a headlamp to illumine the night. As I poured out my heart to God, a precious nightly routine, a picture flashed in my mind's eye. Quickly, I tried to capture it in words. The picture is a story, and for me the person in the picture story was myself, and I know God used it to teach me and bless me. In reality, though, I believe it tells the story of every Christian's experience in the rainstorms of life.

Read it carefully and prayerfully. Close your eyes and see the picture. 

I believe you will find yourself in the story.

I really do.


The Inn

I'm running
Over hills of green, with clouds above
A thunder crash spurs me on
As sky touches earth with rain
The masses above, rolling, enfolding
Black like midnight ink
A flash lights my way
Fading in the misty grey

I'm soaking
Clothes plastered to my skin
I look behind and hurry on
I search, look for the place
Where shelter may be found
Beneath the leafy green
To hide, from storm unseen

I'm tired
The distance stretches on
The pounding of my weary feet
Along the path, echoing
The beating of my heart
With short, panting breath
Pausing for a rest

I'm kneeling
Who cares about the mud
Rain and mist swirl around
No song of bird, nor snap of twig
To break the stillness now
I bow my dripping head
And hear a voice, instead

I'm here
Get up, go on My child
Don't stay here in the rain
For just ahead, o'er one more hill
Awaits a little Inn
It's safe and dry
There now, don't cry

I'm walking
The rain begins to cease
And sun lights up the path
My hand in His, we reach the top
Look, I see the Inn!
He, smiling, urges me
So I run, eagerly

I'm running

Valerie Jacobson
June 12, 2013

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